Vintage Toy Trucks

It should be of no surprise that early toy trucks resembled the old-time truck vehicles in use at the time. Arcade, Hubley, and Dent produced an amazing variety of old toy trucks ranging from toy dump trucks and tow trucks to delivery vans and even lifesaving equipment. Also common were such highly specialized vehicles as water and pumper trucks. Many of these trucks were commonly seen on the streets of early America.
Early on, sheet-steel was used as a material and a number of "friction" trucks and vehicles we produced. However, cast iron soon became the primary material for toy trucks because the casting process allowed for more accurate replication of details than sheet steel. The largest miniature trucks were called "construction toys". Made of heavy-gauge sheet steel, they were often more than 2' long and strong enough for small children to sit on. Although toys, many were very accurate reproductions of dump trucks, hauling trucks, timber trucks and even into the earth movers, steam shovels, derricks, sand loaders, pile drivers, overhead cranes, and concrete mixers trucks.

Large Vintage Wooden Toy Truck With Doors That Open Jones Co
Time Remaining: 34m
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Vintage Antique Cast Iron Red Dump Truck Heavy
Time Remaining: 46m

Vintage Metal Toy US Mail Truck by Buddy L Toys with Figure
Time Remaining: 49m

1960s tootsie toy tin truck
Time Remaining: 56m
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Arcade Vintage Cast Iron Truck 433 MISSING WHEELS
Time Remaining: 59m
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Repop Mack Straight Truck Delivery Stake Bed Cast Iron Scale Model
Time Remaining: 1h 5m
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Vintage Tin Windup GAMA 260 9 Ladder Fire Engine Truck Working Pumper Trailer
Time Remaining: 1h 16m
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Otaco Minnitoys Beaver Lumber Truck Sticker Set MN 005
Time Remaining: 1h 18m
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Time Remaining: 1h 23m
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Marx US Mobile Guided Missile Squadron Truck Tin Litho 352 G
Time Remaining: 1h 30m
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Vintage Cast Iron Horse Drawn Fire Engine Ladder Truck Wagon
Time Remaining: 1h 45m

Vintage Antique Collectible Cast Iron Overland Circus Calliope Truck Heavy
Time Remaining: 1h 55m

Betty Boop Lingerie Notions Delivery Truck Vintage 1990 Schylling Tin Litho
Time Remaining: 1h 55m
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Large Vintage Handmade Wooden Toy Pick Up Dump Truck
Time Remaining: 2h

Vintage Antique Collectible Cast Iron Pick Up Truck Heavy
Time Remaining: 2h 12m

1950s tonka tow truck for restoration
$30.80 (6 Bids)
Time Remaining: 2h 18m

Marx Plastic Cola Truck in the original bag with 8 cases of Pop
Time Remaining: 2h 18m
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1950s Structo Ready Mix Concrete Truck Pressed Steel about 22 long
Time Remaining: 2h 18m
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