Spinning Tops

Vintage Spinning Tops

Spinning tops have been around so long that no one knows who spun the first one. It is likely that the first spinning top was a nut or acorn spun by a curious child. It seems likely that natural curiosity began the craft of top spinning in various places around the world. The spinning top was also one of the earliest toy patents granted by the United States Patent Office. There are many kinds of spinning tops. Most people in the United States are familiar with the large plunger top. The mechanism inside the top causes it to spin when the plunger is pumped up and down. The finger top (usually very inexpensive) begins spinning by twirling it between the thumb and fingers. Flip tops are designed to flip over when they are spun! The whipping top was more popular in Europe. It is spun by hitting it with a lash or whip. Mechanical springs are used in some tops to wind up the top and let it go spinning when the spring is released. The peg top is spun by winding a string or cord around the top and throwing the top to unwind the string and make the top spin.

Vintage Old tin Litho spinning toy top W Germany
Time Remaining: 1h 21m

1960s Rare USSR Russian Soviet Tin Toy SPINNING TOP
Time Remaining: 2h 13m
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Vintage lot of 2 Nice Spinning Tops Dogs Chasing Tom Tom Pipers Son
Time Remaining: 3h 10m
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VTG LBZ Walt Disney Spinning Tin Litho Top Western Germany Wood Handled Spiral
Time Remaining: 5h 11m
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Time Remaining: 6h 37m
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Ohio Art Tin Top
Time Remaining: 9h 8m

Chein Tin Top
Time Remaining: 9h 12m

Vintage Spinning Tin Top Ohio Art Co Carousel horses Angel Children Wood handle
Time Remaining: 9h 49m
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Vintage 1984 LBZ Tin Spinning Top Panda Bears Bunny Made in Germany Colorful
Time Remaining: 10h 27m
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Vintage 1970s Spain UFO Space Ship Spinning Top 51 Carded Obertoys
Time Remaining: 11h 4m
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NIB Vintage 1976 Chad Valley Tom Jerry Humming Tin Litho Spinning Top England
Time Remaining: 11h 17m
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24 sets Bouncing Top Flying UFO with Gun Launcher Wind up Toy Party Favor Gift
Time Remaining: 12h 33m

Time Remaining: 14h 58m
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NOS Wooden Tops Store Counter Display Box 24 Vintage Spinning Toys Taiwan
Time Remaining: 16h 24m

vintage Ohio Art metal spinning top little girl flying plane catching stars
Time Remaining: 17h 3m
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Vintage Ohio Art Circus Animal Train Metal Spinning Top with Red Plastic Handle
Time Remaining: 17h 27m
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Vintage Ohio Art Tin Litho Spinning Top Boy Girl Donkey Cactus graphics
Time Remaining: 17h 28m
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Antique Glass Spinning Top Toy Pattened 1894 Original Box
Time Remaining: 20h 51m

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