Roy Rogers Vintage Toys

Roy Rogers Vintage Toys

Roy Rogers! The King of the Cowboys! This man epitomized the glorious Western Life. He was our hero! We adored just about everything about him. Along with his wife, the darling Dale Evans and his horse, Trigger. We were glued to our TV sets every Saturday to find out if Roy was going to be successful against the Bad Guys again. Roy Rogers memorabilia - guns and holsters, lunchboxes, cereal premiums, cowboy and cowgirl attire, timepieces, books, advertising memorabilia, miscellaneous toys, and hundreds more items were produced during the 40s, 50s and 60s. There's just something special about vintage Roy Rogers toys! And you can find a lot of them in the listings below.

1957 Roy Rogers Dale Evans and Dusty Uncut Paper Dolls by Frontiers Inc
Time Remaining: 8h 23m

1954 Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Cut Out Dolls by Frontiers Inc Whitman Pub Co
Time Remaining: 8h 32m

Roy Rogers Mineral City tin litho building Marx saloon side Western town
Time Remaining: 9h 18m

Lot Of 5 Vintage Puzzles Roy Rogers
Time Remaining: 9h 49m

Vintage ROY ROGERS Horse Shoe Set
Time Remaining: 9h 52m
Buy It Now for only: $29.95

Vintage 1950s Hartland Plastics ROY ROGERS DALE EVANS w Box Hat Guns Horse
Time Remaining: 10h 1m
Buy It Now for only: $399.95

Hartland Marx Breyer Roy Rogers George Custer and Indian with Headress Figures
Time Remaining: 10h 2m
Buy It Now for only: $79.99

roy rogers cookie truck
Time Remaining: 10h 3m

RARE 1944 Authorized Edition 668 ROY ROGERS coloring paint Book very good
$9.99 (1 Bid)
Time Remaining: 11h 30m

Time Remaining: 11h 55m
Buy It Now for only: $595.00

Roy Rogers and Trigger yoyo
Time Remaining: 12h 52m

Vintage Roy Rogers Roys Brand Post Grape Nuts cereal premium pin FREE SHIPPING
Time Remaining: 13h 46m
Buy It Now for only: $9.99

RARE VTG 40s 50s Roy Rogers Plush Cowboy Doll Leather Antique Western Toy CUTE
Time Remaining: 14h 3m
Buy It Now for only: $36.00

Roy Rogers Premiums Kidss Meal Toys New Unopened 1993 2007
Time Remaining: 14h 11m

1950S cowboy watch and clicker Roy Rogers Bonanza tin toys
Time Remaining: 14h 12m

Roy Rogers 1950s wrist watch and binocular
$19.99 (1 Bid)
Time Remaining: 14h 18m

Roy Rogers Rodeo Ranch Fencing
Time Remaining: 14h 21m
Buy It Now for only: $19.99

Roy Rogers Rodeo Ranch Chute + Fencing Double R Bar Ranch
Time Remaining: 14h 37m
Buy It Now for only: $19.99

Space Patrol Roy Rogers Kiddie Ride Advertisement 1953
Time Remaining: 15h 2m
Buy It Now for only: $22.46

Roy Rogers Rodeo Ranch Trees and Hitching posts
Time Remaining: 15h 6m

Vintage 1950s Roy Rogers Cloverleaf Spurs by Classy Hard To Find
Time Remaining: 15h 27m
Buy It Now for only: $68.99

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